Ethan Moore

I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Harbinger at Zionsville Community High School in Zionsville, Indiana. The publication consists of a newsmagazine, weekly video announcements, and social media pages as well. On top of that, I am also Editor-in-Chief of Aerie, the yearbook at ZCHS. Working on both publications has pushed me to new heights and quite honestly I’ve pushed back. My 4 years of experience allowed me to grow my skills in writing, photography, design, broadcast, leadership, and critical thinking. In turn, I can say with confidence that I’ve helped the journalism program as a whole grow right along with me. I hope this collection of years of my hard work allows you to see into my world a bit more.

Senior Ethan Moore adjusts the composition of his shot while filming a segment of the Harbinger Headlines on Jan, 30, 2020. Moore, Editor-in-Chief of the Harbinger, led the production of the weekly announcements show since his junior year.

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